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  1. I was so lucky to attend Jenny’s first retreat in January 2010. At the time, I was clearly a mama who needed a refill. My own mom broke her hip a few weeks before Christmas, so I had spent the holidays at the hospital while also caring for children out of school, and I had recently started working part time while also attempting to finish up a masters degree. I was not taking care of myself, and honestly, it showed.

    I did not know what to expect. Frankly, I was amazed I even made it to Vashon with some clothes in a bag. But it was so much more than I expected. I was nourished physically (delicious, healthy food that was cooked for me and great walks on the beach), mentally (I read novels and wrote in my journal), socially (I met new friends and shared wonderful conversations and laughter), and spiritually (I cried, painted with watercolors, reflected, mediated, enjoyed the afternoon of silence and shared during Jenny’s circles).

    Jenny has a gift of healing. She listens and provides a forum for peace and renewal. She is funny and real. She beautifully balances the structured activities to encourage reflection with plenty of free time to just relax and do whatever.

    If you are a mama who needs a refill, do not hesitate or make excuses, just go! I was not doing anyone a favor being run down. We cannot be good mamas unless we love ourselves first. Just go!

  2. I did not know what to expect when I signed up for the retreat, I just knew I needed some me time. I had a fabulous time and ended up suprising myself with the focus of my weekend . It was relaxing, the food was great and I got to meet some amazing women. I felt relaxed and motivated when I came home to my sweet family. I would love to do another retreat sometime. Kaiti

  3. Like Jenny says in her opening statement, sometimes it sucks to be a mom and sometimes I suck at being one. Usually this mindset rears its ugly head when I am overly tired and overwhelmed. Clearly we all love our families and wouldn’t change them for the world but we, as mothers and women, are so often depleted and running on empty. We need to “refill our cups”. Jenny’s weekend retreat is just what is needed to refuel to live the life you have with renewed happiness and energy. You come home appreciating yourself and your family and feeling a whole lot less “sucky”.

  4. I had the pleasure of attending two of Jenny’s daytime retreats. Each retreat gave me four hours of uninterrupted time to focus on my own well being and to glean new ideas and perspectives from other women dealing with similar life pressures. Jenny has a gift of facilitating her retreats in a manner that is low-key and unassuming. If you wish to share your thoughts, that’s wonderful. If you wish to remain silent that is wonderful too.

    I highly recommend refilling your cup through Jenny’s retreats.

  5. I attended one of Jenny’s single day retreats. I brought a list and my calendar but wound up leaving them in my bag as I was able to connect (finally) with a lot of issues that I had been stuffing away for a long time. I felt like I had 1,000 pounds lifted from my shoulders. The four hours was truly “my” time and I savored every minute of it. Jenny has a true gift of leading without pushing and guiding without a one-size-fits-all agenda. I can’t wait until I get four hours again in March.

  6. I attended one of Jenny’s retreats recently and got the most wonderful 4 hours of focused relaxation! It’s strange that a person should need to “schedule” their relaxation time like this – an idea I only recently pondered – but it was seriously exactly what I needed that day. I came back to my work more focused, more relaxed, and with a clearer mind. Jenny is a wonderful guide and leader – warm, genuine, and full of wonderful words of wisdom. I recommend this to anyone needing a refill!

  7. Jennifer gave an awesome retreat. She was so commanding and present for the group, leaving no room for us to hide behind our insecurities. Instead, she brought us to our centers, she made us laugh, she allowed us to grow and feel more at ease with our essence. She taught us to be ok with our lives, as they are, and to use that okayness as a next step for expansion. I enjoyed everything about the retreat and went away refreshed and renewed in body, mind and spirit. Thank you, Jennifer.

  8. Jenny is truly a gifted life coach,card reader,and facilitator. Her warmth and humor make everyone feel comfortable in her presence. She has mastered the art of creating and holding a sacred space for the women at her retreats.It was a joy to participate and I would recommend investing in a retreat with Jenny to anyone who needs their battery recharged. You will leave feel refreshed with energy and clarity!

  9. I just attended my first retreat — it was a lovely and relaxing experience. I love that it’s a place where you can connect with other women, and also have quiet time to yourself to recharge (in whatever way makes sense for you). It was so wonderful to share space with others in this unique way.

  10. LOVE! I signed up for this retreat with NO IDEA really what I had signed up for. I just trusted that it was going to be exactly what I needed. As a woman, mama-related or not, I know that my cup runs near empty quickly in all areas- spiritually, emotionally, physically & mentally. My only intention was to have four hours of “me time” whatever that looked like. Jenny did an amazing job of facilitating and providing a space that gave me just that- quiet time, meditation and self discovery. The energy Jenny brings to her retreats is loving, caring and vulnerable. With that energy she creates an amazing space for sharing, peace and growth. Her beautiful gift of card readings, were perfect time spent one on one with Jenny, supporting me in an area that I needed at the time. Thank You Jenny for taking your gifts out into the world so that we may all have an opportunity to “fill our cup”.

  11. I attended my second retreat with Jenny…this time as someone giving a small service to the other guests. I got to participate in the group sessions which was lovely. Jenny is one of the MOST caring and nurturing person I have had the blessings to meet and know. If you need a little woman/mommy downtime I would highly suggest attending a retreat. I had just gone through a very traumatic experience with being let go from my employer of 22 years due to restructuring and I was able to release so much anger and resentment during my time at the retreat. I am so much more at peace with where I am right now, as a mother and woman.
    Thank you Jenny and all the other lovely ladies I was graced to spend time with.

  12. Four hours of real refilling and refreshing. Time to breathe. Time to just be. Time to leave behind the things that drag you down. I would recommend these mini retreats to anyone. Jenny has an easy and amazing way about her that draws out the goodness.

  13. I am not a mom. I am a busy single woman with a lot on my plate. I did a mini retreat with Jenny and 3 other amazing women. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt a safe, comforting and non-judging environment. I could just be. And when I allowed myself that gift, I felt more free, compassionate, peaceful and loving. What a difference in just 4 hours! I will definitely do another retreat and recommend that all women (mom or not) experience this amazing retreat.

  14. I had the privilege of attending the “Mamma needs a refill” day retreat Oct. 4th, and wow what an experience! Jenny welcomed us all in and set an environment that was safe, warm, and conducive to growth and sharing. The retreat was interactive as well as introspective, and educational. The setting was amazing overlooking the Puget Sound, where it was easy to relax and refill. Jenny is a powerful Master Life Coach, leader, and facilitator. The time at this getaway/retreat was well worth it and very valuable. I believe that every women could benefit from this great event and Jenny’s authentic form of care!

  15. The Mama Needs a Refill mini retreats are like a day spa for the soul. From Jenny’s warm welcome when she greets you at the door of her mom’s lovely and beautiful West Seattle home – with the most amazing view – to Jenny’s fresh-baked cookies, to relevant topics, and one-on-one coaching, these retreats are both stimulating and relaxing. Jenny combines a perfect blend of grounding exercises, presentation, group discussion, coaching and quiet time. I was weary of the forced quiet time at my first retreat, but it’s ended up being one of my favorite parts, and I’ve been back 4 times! Jenny is a gifted coach and facilitator. I always leave her retreats feeling lighter, happier and more relaxed, and with a full cup – because I took time for ME! Thank you Jenny!

  16. The Mama Needs A Refill retreat left me a longer sense of fulfillment than other self-care things I do like, facials or massages.

    I felt supported, with the time to focus on only myself and my needs for 4 whole hours. It was glorious! Jenny is a wonderful coach – I would highly recommend her to any mom finding her cup running low. In fact, I just did yesterday. I look forward to another retreat with her in the future!

  17. I was fortunate to be able to participate in one of Jenny’s mini retreats. From the moment I walked in, I was warmly welcomed. During the retreat, Jenny’s genuine compassion speaks volumes as she guides and encourages one to take care of oneself. She is accessible and positive. She provided thoughtful poems, guided meditation, reflective activities and even one-on-one time to go deeper and help identify areas that need attention and then customize a plan together.

    I appreciated the support, encouragement and accountability she so naturally provided. I would highly recommend her as a life coach!

  18. I have a (re)newed morning ritual. Once my husband is off to work, I sit with my coffee, water & green smoothie for some quiet time. I may read, journal, meditate, or stare off into the greenbelt that is my backyard.
    This hasn’t always been my morning ritual. Recently I was feeling overworked, stressed & rung-out. Then I met Jenny McGlothern of Mama Needs A Refill. She was having a mini-retreat & I knew I had to go. Jenny created a beautiful, supportive and lush space for us recharge & refill our cup. It’s been over a month since the retreat and the effects are long lasting. I make time each week to fill my cup and start my day off grounded and centered.
    Thank you Jenny for reminding me that self care is essential to our well being!

  19. Thank you again for the wonderful inspiring and restful contemplative
    afternoon! This weekend I sat and drank my entire cup of coffee before
    doing anything else. I was SO shocked/not shocked at how hard that was.
    I kept feeling like I should get something done, take care of someone, or
    start the laundry, but took 30 minutes and enjoyed just being with myself
    and sipping my cup.

    The flow was great, it worked so well, and I love your way of speaking to
    the group. Somehow I think you tapped the heart and spoke for us all in
    some way.

    I hope to see you again!

  20. Thank you Jenny! This is my third Mama Needs a Refill retreat and it won’t be my last! I love having a few hours tucked away to focus on me and my happiness, which of course in the end means more happiness for my entire family and others around me. Each retreat, I have felt thankful to have had that time to really breathe and just be, and I each time I have come away with a new tidbit of insight into being a better mom, a better wife and a better me. Thank you. Thank you.

  21. My mini retreat shared with Jenny and two other wonderful ladies was lovey and peaceful. The space Jenny held for us to just be was perfect. To be present, still, quiet,creative, to share, to connect to refill, renew and recharge,all things we need. I left with a full cup and gratitude spilling out of me. Jenny reminds me to listen, and remind myself what I need to fill my life cup. She has a way that just touches your heart strings. I look forward to sharing another mini retreat for myself and to gift it to some other wonderful people I love. Thank you thank you thank you.
    much love,Sam

  22. I signed up for my first ever retreat not quite sure what to expect but very much looking forward to some time away and unplugged. Boy was I WRONG! I ended up getting more plugged in to MYSELF and it felt absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was just perfect. Jenny is such a warm and caring coach and leader it’s like she knew exactly what each of us ladies at the retreat needed. I definitely left feeling more at peace, with my cup overflowing.

    Much love, light and gratitude!

  23. I attended my first Mama Needs a Refill retreat in October of 2016, and I know it won’t be my last. The topic was mindfulness, but it could have been anything and I would have been there. Jenny’s warmth and wisdom are worth the price of admission, and I had no doubt that the people who would attend her retreats would be people I’d like to spend part of a day with. What a day it was. We had glorious weather and a sweeping view of the Puget Sound. We had thoughtful discussion of what mindfulness means to us and how it’s working or not working in our lives. We practiced mindfulness through meditation and by delighting in the taste and texture of chocolate paired with a fresh raspberry. After some time in a sharing circle, we spent time in silence, while each attendee met separately with Jenny for an individual coaching session. During our silent time, we could do whatever we wanted to! Jenny had a creativity station set up for painting, drawing, collaging,or love letter writing. She also had a little library of healing titles. I had to do a little of everything, so I painted. I journaled. I gazed lovingly off the deck out at the sound. I meditated. And then I had very clarity-inducing individual session with Jenny before we all reconvened for a few closing rituals (I don’t want to give it all away). I highly recommend any of Jenny’s retreats! They are absolutely value packed, and the impact will be lasting and indelible. It has been for me. My cup of gratitude runneth over. 🙂 Thanks Jenny!

  24. I’ve been lucky enough to both go to Jenny’s 1-day retreats and work with her as a life coach. Jenny has a gentle, but also compelling way about her. She asks thoughtful questions to get you to really think, and she has a great toolkit for getting you to make changes. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Treat yourself to one of her 1-day retreats and you’ll be hooked!

  25. I now have been to two retreats of Jenny’s. I so enjoyed MY time on both occasions. If you want to try something with ease and delight, give yourself a gift in a couple hours with yourself, creativity, stillness, other beautiful women, Jenny, and no matter what a message and take away that will only benefit you period. Say yes to more blessings in your life, if you keep lists like all women do:) add one of Jenny’s retreats to it and gift yourself some self love..
    xox Sam

  26. As a mother I rarely stop, let alone take four hours to listen to what weighs on my heart and lurks in my mind. I have attended three retreats with Jenny and after leaving all three I have felt as though I have given myself the gift of time and space to reflect on my life’s struggles and goals. It is here that I often identify the speed bump de jour that is slowing me down, and when I depart it feels as if I have taken the longest, deepest, fullest, refreshing breath. Whether you are going into the retreat with something on your mind and in your heart, or following Jenny’s theme of the day, you will have a place and the time to reflect on what refills you. I highly endorse this gift of rejuvination!

  27. Dear Jenny,
    I cannot thank you enough for supporting me in finding my voice. That one hour sessions on 1/26/2017 has changed my life. I am now utilizing my voice, every opportunity I get, with no apology. I had contemplated joining Toast Master for 6 years, and it only took spending one hour with you to get me into action. I will be giving my ice breaker speech this March. To anyone wanting to dive into actions and live their life today. I would highly recommend reaching out to Jenny.

    Thank you Jenny.

  28. Dear Jenny,
    Thank you so much for the mini retreat on March 3, 2017. Diving into embracing my Inner Wisdom for the day was a well timed theme. I loved the circle time, sharing, the practice of individually lighting a candle, drawing a card, silent lunch and silence in the afternoon. Thoroughly enjoyed the synchronicity and magic of my one-on-one time with you and the Goddess card reading. Loved the creative table, pens, paints and the mini mug which now sits on my altar space at home in my ‘office’ to remind me of our time. If you’re wondering about saying ‘yes’ to a mini retreat with Jenny – do it. Your soul will thank you for it.
    Thank you,

  29. My coaching session with Jenny was truly divine timing. It has been over a month since that session, and I am still tingling afterward. Jenny brings sensitivity, joy, humor, honesty and this deep sense of knowing that guides our work together. I am so grateful for Jenny and the positive impact she has had in my life. If you find yourself wondering if you should sign up for a coaching session, let go of that doubt. You’ll be glad you did. Thank you, Jenny!!

  30. Thank you for the wonderful mini retreat. When I signed up with a girlfriend, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. “Funny” thing…everything Jenny teaches aligns perfectly with my soul. My private reading with her couldn’t have been more spot-on. It was a privilege and an honor to spend time with her.

    Namaste, Jenny!

  31. I walked out of my mini retreat feeling hopeful for the first time in a very long time. Taking a four hour break from daily life was the best gift to myself EVER! Jenny is a wise and kind woman. I am doing my best to apply the kernels of wisdom she shared…Especially the one about loading my negativity into a rocket ship for blast off into outer space. “To the moon, Alice!”

    ~Cheers and thanks, Jenny!

  32. Jenny, Jenny…You’re the girl for me! . . . That song always pops into to my head whenever I think of the Delightful “Divine” Ms. Jenny, Mother of ALL Mamas . . But I digress . . . Mini Retreat number 2 is in the books for me. **BONUS: Jenny’s Mama was in attendance! Two generations of awesome!

    A totally different experience from my first retreat, but totally and completely fulfilling as the first. Another gift from ME to ME and so worth it. If you are on the fence about going to one of Jenny’s retreats I urge you indulge yourself and breathe some joy into your soul. You’ll be so glad you did!

    Looking forward to a third filling of my cup in January 2018!

    “To the house of a friend the road is never long.”


  33. My retreat experience was a great reminder that I need to take the time to fill my cup…Not only for myself, but for my family as well.

    I loved the meditation and the one-on-one time spent with Jenny. I left feeling empowered and motivated for the heavy lifting I need to do to making myself physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy.

    I can’t wait for January 2018 when I’ll be heading back for my next retreat!

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