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Friday’s Free Refill: Always Go With the Nudge

Something told me to start taking pictures of cups, something told me…

This morning five women are gathering for my sold out Inner Wisdom Sack Lunch Mini-Retreat. Something told them to sign up. Just like something told me to start creating them back in 2010. Just like something told me to keep my mini-retreats to five, a small intimate number.  I have allowed six, even when I was nudged to keep it to five women. It ended up being fine, but didn’t go as smoothly as it would have been with a smaller number. Everyone’s one-on-one time with me was shortened. The end was rushed. My lesson at the end of that September retreat? Go with the nudge. Always go with the nudge.


Getting out of your head is exactly what inner wisdom is all about. It’s listening to the still small voice within.  This is a place beyond your concious, analytical, and logical mind. Tuning in to your emotions, intuition, that place beyond rationality. To get there you must trust. You must believe in the power within. You must allow.


Are you thinking, This sounds stupid, silly, woo-hoo, crazy and who has time for that? Great, call it what you will, it’s good stuff. Actually, how do you not make time and space for that? Inner wisdom is your best friend. It shows up in serendipitous, funny ways. A friend will provide the answer you were seeking when you decide to call her out of the blue. You will hear a story on the radio that provides an inspiration, affirmation, resolution or  idea specifically to your need. Your computer will freeze and you will have no other choice then to stop, breathe, wait. Without the ability to rely on your electronics in that moment, you tap in to yourself. What do I do now? You listen to the answer. In that forced situation you realize what you need to do, the answer surfaces. You had been wanting to go on a walk all day, all week really. Now is your opportunity. You have no other choice, besides. On this walk you get clear. You silence the busy mind. Fresh air circulates through you, you relax. You may never find out exactly why your computer froze up on you, but you know you wouldn’t have taken that walk if it hadn’t. And that walk was the fuel for filling up on your answers within.


Release the “shoulds” and begin trusting. Open up to noticing, listening, tuning in, allowing and knowing deep down that you know.  This comes with practice. We all have an inner knowing. This isn’t only gifted to a few. It is a matter of being willing to open up to it. Besides feeling at a deep unexplainable level, you could very well experience a sense of peace. When we flow with our inner knowing everything lands in place with ease and grace. Get out of your own way. Trust. Something will tell you what comes next. Listen.


Hello! I’m Jenny Gwinn McGlothern, Certified Transformational Master Coach for your Life and Spirit, who has been leading retreats for women and coaching them since 2009. One of my favorite ways to fill my own cup is by writing. May my weekly blog give you a sip to reflect, a nugget to chew, a thought to refill. If it is an accountability partner you seek, I offer life and spiritual coaching for men, women, teenagers, and couples, in person in Seattle and by phone.  

2017 Mini-retreats in West Seattle 9:30 – 2pm: March 3, (sold out)  June 2 (sold out), September 15 (4 seats left). Limited availability, register early. info@mamaneedsarefill.com or www.mamaneedsarefill.com. 206 255 0463.

No Need To Look Outside The Cup

I went and saw the film Eat Pray Love on opening night. I read the book so expectations for the movie were low, books are always better and I didn’t see Julia pulling off the Liz Gilbert role.  Well, she did pull it off and the main message I took from the book came out in the movie.  In the protagonists search for peace and wisdom she discovered God was within, not something outside of herself but rather dwelling within.

We do this don’t we?  We search to be filled up with love, wisdom, peace, anything.  We look outside of ourselves to fill up that empty space.  We shop, we eat, we sleep, we drink, we exercise, we try this self-help book, we see a counselor, we pray to something above us, beyond us – out there.  All in aspiration to feed that hunger within.

Yes, I personally believe in a power bigger than us, in a God beyond us, but I also believe that God resides within us.

So if God resides within, so does the love, the wisdom, the peace we are in search of beyond us. The need to look so far and to turn away from ourselves is defeating the search.  The answers are within.  It is just up to us to clear away the gunk to hear the wisdom, to discover the peace and to find the love.

It starts with giving yourself time to sit with yourself instead of running.  Not easy, definitely scary, but oh so possible.

Start slowly.  Feed yourself something healthy, pray without words, just be. Then love yourself as you are instead of wanting to fix parts of you.  That’s what God does. She loves you as you are not wanting you to find a cure, but instead to delve down into your soul and fill yourself up with love.