What’s Happening with Mama Needs a Refill in February?

Lots of fun cup filling, that’s what.

Join us on FaceBook or Instagram for the #50fills Challenge. In celebration of turning 50 in February nothing would make me happier than you holding a full cup. The challenge: Refill your CUP 50 times in the 28 days of February. At least make the intention, and effort and every time you FILL YOUR CUP post in the comments section of the most recent FB or Instagram post “#50fills” and tell us what you did to refill. A refill is doing something for you that you want to do, that makes your heart sing and your soul smile. Refills are personal. It could be a five minute meditation, a walk, a bubble bath, saying NO to someone, saying YES to someone else, reading, dancing, going to a movie, sleeping in, planting in your garden, sewing your first craft, meeting a friend…the list is endless. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, 5 minutes or three hours, it simply must be something that helps your find your sanity, care for your soul and ultimately FILL your proverbial cup.

50 times would be awesome, but that doesn’t have to be the goal. What if filling your cup, putting you first, making time for you was the goal? Each time you post your REFILL with “#50fills” on a FB or Instagram post in the comments section, I will add your name to a drawing and on March 1st I will announce the winner. The more refills the more times your name is added to the drawing. The prize? One complimentary 60 minute phone coaching session and 3 follow up 30 minute REFILL calls to support you in caring for your CUP.

Fill Your Cup at the next Sack Lunch Mini Retreat, Love Cup, Friday February 9th, 9:30 – 2 PM, one spot left at the early bird price of $85. Rejuvenate and Recharge through sharing, creativity, laughter, learning self-care tools, silence and much more. Text Jenny today: 206 255 0463.

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