Free Refill: Anchored

One morning practice that tethers me to my soul and keeps me from getting distracted and overwhelmed throughout the day is to choose anchor words. I have been doing this for a number of years now and my son and I practiced this for three years to act as a tool to work with his anxiety and fears. He will occasionally visit the tool, but it did the job when he needed it the most.


For me, it has stuck. It is just as powerful as meditating in terms of having an overall effect and life giving nature. It is the compass I use to come back home.


Whether I have practiced my morning meditation or I am standing in the shower, I take a couple of deep breaths and simply say to myself, knowing the Universe is listening, “What do I need today?” Having done this long enough, I know what that question means at a deep level. It means, with the agenda on the calendar, my personal intentions and desires held close, choose words that will bring me the feelings I need to be in touch with and the outcome I most need to meet that agenda and my intentions. In the silence I allow the words to come to me. I say them out loud to see if they feel right in the moment. Lately I have been choosing three words. That is a powerful number for me. Know that there is no rule on how many anchor words you use. I share this tool with clients, family and friends and have discovered everyone has the number that works best for them. I have several clients who choose one and my son prefers two. I suggest you start with one and see where it takes you. I also highly recommend writing your word/words down. I put mine in my day timer. One client writes it on her hand, another uses her phone. Put it where you can be reminded. As you know our minds get full even with the best of intentions. I find it incredibly helpful to see them written down especially since I use three words.


If I am feeling disconnected from myself or aware that my relationships can use attention I will choose “connection” for example. As the day unravels I may notice an opportunity to engage with a stranger, one of my children, a friend, or my husband and when I remember I chose “connect” everything else can wait. What matters is right here in that moment. I will let go of being in a rush and I will allow the conversation to open up as it needs. Yesterday for example, I chose to use alliteration to better remember my words. My three “C” words were, celebrate, connect and confidence. It was our daughter’s 16th birthday and honoring her was at the top of my list. On my morning walk I allowed myself time to stop and pick up fallen leaves that caught my attention. It turned into a mindful celebratory walk as I prayed for our birthday girl and delighted in thoughts of her. At home I created the time to write to Margaret in our shared journal we have been keeping since she was nine. It is one way we communicate and knowing “celebrate” was a word I upheld that day allowed me to not put it off until later. On my walk I greeted those I past and allowed myself to connect with God, Universe and Spirit. Later at the DMV I participated in conversations being fully present to not only our daughter, but the lighthearted employee and school acquaintances. I also had to get some work done and the only way it was going to get accomplished was if I stepped into it with a confident attitude. All three words supported me. At the end of the day I reflected on how my anchor words guided me and gave me strength.


Feeling scattered, easily distracted, could use some tethering? I invite you to seize the idea of anchoring yourself to a word each day. Play with it. Let it guide you. Call upon it to bring you home.


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