Friday’s Free Refill: Let it Go

Does the need for perfection keep you spinning in circles?

It takes practice to let go of perfectionism. Or is it perfection? Lots of practice. I haven’t found any substantial gift in getting it perfect. I’m the only one who notices. Honestly, perfection is a huge impediment. For me at least. Wanting the house to look perfect before I take care of me, big barrier. Desiring supreme excellence in what I do, say, and how I be in the world, gigantic block. I end up not showing up for myself and I end up not being all of me in the world.

Do you dance with perfection? Does it haunt you, tugging at you to get it right? Is it time to start practicing another way?

What’s been helping me is to notice when I allow the need to get it perfect overshadow getting it done at all. It is often a form of resistance, if I can’t get it perfect, why begin? That does not serve me. When I am resisting the things calling my name I end up holding an empty cup. Another advantageous step to getting over perfection is that when I do something regardless of the quality I surprisingly feel really good. I did it, feels better than, I didn’t do it, again.

Notice then practice. What have you got to lose? Nothing really. You only have to gain. So get out of your own way already. Jump the hurdle and celebrate your victories. It will be perfectly unperfect! Or is it imperfect?

Hello! I’m Jenny Gwinn McGlothern, Certified Transformational Master Coach for your Life and Spirit, who has been leading retreats for women and coaching them since 2009. One of my favorite ways to fill my own cup is by writing. May my weekly blog give you a sip to reflect, a nugget to chew, a thought to refill. If it is an accountability partner you seek, I offer life and spiritual coaching for men, women, teenagers, and couples, in person in Seattle and by phone. 2017 Mini-retreats in West Seattle 9:30 – 2: March 3, (sold out) June 2 (2 seats left), September 15 (5 seats left). Limited availability, register early. or 206 255 0463.